We are now approved for online classes that you can complete from the comfort of your living room. You can use your computer, iPad or smart phone to participate!

​I look forward to seeing you via Zoom!

Email: ceusmindadudley@gmail.com

​​We are happy to work with The Education Fund to present these classes.  Please see note under registration

All classes are 4 units and $25.00 per class, with prepaid upon registration

CEUs for CNAs   Minda Dudley,RN


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The Education Fund

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Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to cancel any class due to low enrollment.

There is a $5.00 charge for each certificate lost as it will require an instructor signature.

Minda Dudley, RN

Presented by Adult School Allied Health
Educators with current NAC #, Fremont Adult School

*Saturday Classes - 8:30 AM TO 12:30 PM
*Thursday Classes - 5:30 PM TO 9:30 PM

8/01/20  Saturday   Dealing with family members
8/06/20  Thursday   Dealing with family members

8/08/20  Saturday   Normal aging
8/13/20  Thursday   Normal aging

8/15/20  Saturday    Adult Failure to Thrive
8/20/20  Thursday   Adult Failure to Thrive

8/22/20   Saturday   Professionalism for the CNA
8/27/20  Thursday    Professionalism for the CNA

8/29/20   Saturday  Chemical hazards 
9/03/20   Thursday  Chemical hazards  

9/05/20   Saturday   No class
9/10/20   Thursday   No class

9/12/20   Saturday Understanding Substance Abuse
9/17/20   Thursday  Understanding Substance Abuse

9/19/20   Saturday  Legal Issues for the CNA
9/24/20   Thursday  Legal Issues for the CNA

9/26/20   Saturday  Common GI disorders
10/01/20  Thursday Common GI disorders

10/03/20   Saturday  Ostomies and Ostomy care
10/08/20   Thursday  Ostomies and Ostomy care

10/10/20   Saturday  Human Trafficking
10/15/20   Thursday  Human Trafficking

10/17/20   Saturday Adolescent Growth/Development
10/22/20   Thursday Adolescent Growth/Development

10/24/20   Saturday  Understanding Delirium
10/29/20   Thursday  Understanding Delirium

10/31/20  Saturday   Emotional losses / Elderly
11/05/20  Thursday   Emotional losses / Elderly

11/07/20   Saturday Diabetes Education
11/12/20  Thursday  Diabetes Education

11/14/20  Saturday   Diabetes/ food intake
11/19/20  Thursday   Diabetes/ food intake

11/21/20  Saturday   Understanding kidney disease
12/3/20   Thursday    Understanding kidney disease

12/5/20    Saturday  Urinary Tract Infections
12/10/20  Thursday  Urinary Tract infections

12/12/20  Saturday   Men’s Health Issues

12/17/20 Thursday    Men's Health Issues

   ​​​Important Information

You will receive an email invite between 1 or 2 days before scheduled class time to connect via Zoom.​ (please download Zoom.US before log in)

To keep track of your courses completed please make a copy of the 283 A Form in the link below. You will not need an instructor signature for this form.